Road Trip to see State Capitol Buildings

ROAD TRIP! Starting tomorrow May 1, I’ll be on a road trip for two weeks.  The road trip has two objectives: see relatives/friends and visit state capitol buildings. The trip will be roughly Fargo, Roosevelt National Park, Cheyenne, Denver, Topeka, Kansas City, Springfield (MO), Jefferson City, Creston (IA), Home. I’ll be posting updates and pictures about visiting relatives and friends on Facebook and posting about state capitol buildings here on my blog.

Attached is a picture of The Capitol Collection Souvenir Passport Book which I just received last week. I’ll be getting a stamp on the pages for the capitol buildings I visit. Won’t that be exciting!

I think that I have only visited six capitol buildings, but I have really enjoyed them. Lots of history, art and architecture to study.  I’ll be looking for the unique, the interesting, the weird and the chest-thumpingest proudest thing.

Wish me safe travels and good driving weather.


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