Jerry and Suzanne Wedding Pictures

August 14, 2021

Campus Club of the University of Minnesota

Reading in the Age of Coronavirus

I had an idea for a book club last fall, something I call the One-to-One Book Club. In this time of the coronavirus crisis, it has been surprisingly helpful. I recommend that everyone try it. 

Last fall, I was visiting my friend Liz in Wichita and we started discussing books. She held up her favorite book, “The Master and Margarita,” and said that she recommends that everyone read it.  And, since I had nothing to read at that point, I said, “OK, I’ll read it if I can call you after I get done with the book so we can discuss it.” That was the seed that grew into my book club.  Continue reading

Nancy Krause Gale

I started this blog two months ago to track my journey as I became more active in politics after my retirement. Today, I will use this forum for a much more noble purpose. I want to talk about my wife, Nancy Krause Gale. Nancy is near death from her fight with colon cancer. Below is a little about how we met and the wonderful life that we have lived together. I will probably be commenting less here on my blog for some time while I take care of Nancy and recover from her death. So here is my story about When Jerry Met Nancy. Continue reading