Becoming A Democratic Convention National Delegate

I found out today that I will be a delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention. The decision was made by delegates to the CD3 congressional district convention. Thank you to all the CD3 delegates who voted for me. 

I have wanted to be a national delegate for a long time, but this was the first time that I submitted my name. I was hoping that all of the Democratic volunteering that I have done in the past four years would give me a chance to be selected.   Continue reading

Blood Donors are Under Recognized

I submitted this letter to the Star Tribune’s opinion page. They did not print it (one reason might be that I had a letter to the editor published only two months ago), so I thought I should post it here. I make additional comments about this worthwhile and timely topic at the end. 

During the COVID-19 crisis, America is beginning to recognize everyday heroes like doctors, nurses, teachers, garbage collectors, and supermarket workers. This is a big step up from calling pro-athletes and rock musicians heroes. But, some heroes are not getting the recognition they deserve – blood donors.  Continue reading

Reading in the Age of Coronavirus

I had an idea for a book club last fall, something I call the One-to-One Book Club. In this time of the coronavirus crisis, it has been surprisingly helpful. I recommend that everyone try it. 

Last fall, I was visiting my friend Liz in Wichita and we started discussing books. She held up her favorite book, “The Master and Margarita,” and said that she recommends that everyone read it.  And, since I had nothing to read at that point, I said, “OK, I’ll read it if I can call you after I get done with the book so we can discuss it.” That was the seed that grew into my book club.  Continue reading

2020 Iowa Caucus

Last night, Suzanne and I volunteered as Precinct Captains for Amy Klobuchar’s campaign in Marshalltown, Iowa – a site we requested because I grew up on a farm 10 miles north of that city. (The caucus took place at Marshalltown Community College, which my two older brothers attended in the early 1960s.) Continue reading

Who’s Running for the MN House in 2020

Last month,  Peter Callaghan, Greta Kaul, and Tom Nehil published an informative article on titled “Who’s running for the Minnesota Legislature.” It lists the current shape of the 67 Minnesota Senate races and 134 Minnesota House races. It includes useful filters so you can narrow down the list. 

In a recent blog post, I wrote that one person with energy and determination can have a significant impact on the 2020 elections by supporting a Democratic Minnesota House candidate in a swing district. So I decided to take a closer look at the 134 House races.   Continue reading

How to Support Minnesota’s Democratic Legislature

In my last blog post, I wrote that one person could have a significant impact on the 2020 elections by doorknocking for a DFL State Representative candidate in a swing district. I then list ten candidates in swing districts to consider.

Hilary Beste, who is the Director for DFL Senate District 46, has the same goal but has been advocating a different strategy. She is encouraging DFLers to donate $10 to each DFL House candidate in a swing district. Below is the flyer that she was handing out at a recent DFL state committee meeting. I liked her idea and flyer so I asked her if I could add it to my blog. She said sure, but I would also have to tweet about it, which I will do. Continue reading

One Volunteer Can Impact the 2020 Elections

Dear DFLers, 

The 2019 Election just happened so it’s time to get ready for the 2020 election.  I recently heard someone say that she knew that the 2020 election was important, but did not think that she, as one person, could make much of a difference. Based on my experience in the past four years as an active DFL volunteer, I am here to tell you that she is wrong.  One person with determination and energy can have a significant impact on the 2020 elections.  Continue reading

Gun Violence Solution from a Gun-owning Iowa Republican

One of my best friends is a high school classmate who is a strong Republican and a longtime hunter and gun owner. He’s a successful businessman in Iowa and one of the most reasonable people I know. I would describe him as a country club Republican.  

He has been disturbed as much as the rest of us by the mass killings in American and, as a gun owner, has given a lot of thought to how they can be prevented. He took the time months ago to write a letter to his Senator with a recommended solution that involves the restricted sale of ammunition – as with other goods like Sudafed and cigarettes.  After the recent killings in Dayton and El Paso, he shared it with me and asked me to send it to Amy Klobuchar.   Continue reading