Massachusetts State Capitol

The first stop on my six-state capitol tour was Boston. As I have planned for this trip to New England to visit six state capitals, I wondered if it will be worth it. Then, I visited the Massachusetts State House on Monday, and it was great. Lots of history to learn, art objects to view, and architecture to see. (I should pause here and remind everyone that “capital” is a city and “capitol” is a building.) Continue reading

Excited About Attending the 2018 DFL State Convention!

I moved from Iowa to Minnesota in 1977.  I was a strong Democrat moving to a strong Democratic state – the land of Humphrey and Mondale (the Vice President in 1977). I remember driving the U-Haul north on Interstate 35 and getting excited when I came over the hill in Burnsville and saw downtown Minneapolis in the distance. I was going to get involved in Minnesota politics! 41 years later, I’m finally going to my first State Convention on Friday. What happened? Well, life happened. Please indulge me while I look back on my journey to the 2018 DFL State Convention. Continue reading

Get Ready for President Klobuchar

As the calendar changes from March to April, Democrats around the country are getting serious about the blue wave they expect for the 2018 election. But, as background noise, we are starting to hear more about the 2020 presidential election, when Democrats plan to nominate a candidate to behead the Medusa known as Donald Trump. I have an opinion about who the 2020 Democratic nominee will be, and I want to get this down in writing just in case I’m right 30 months before the election. Continue reading