Klobuchar can Unite the #ReasonableMajority

Everyone agrees that America is becoming more and more polarized, divided, and partisan. We need a presidential candidate who will unite the country, not divide it along economic, geographical, religious, and racial lines. There is no doubt in my mind that Amy Klobuchar is the candidate who can do that. 

The good news, based on her most recent commercial, is that Amy seems to agree with me. Unfortunately, so far, not enough Democrats agree with us. I’m hoping that the next debate will give Amy the viral moment that propels her to the top tier of candidates. 

I like Amy’s commercial, but I want to push back against its main message. She closes by saying, “I don’t want to be President for half of America. I want to be President for all of America.” That is a lofty goal, but impossible in today’s America when the Republican Party is dominated by climate-change deniers, anti-abortion zealots, racists, AK-47 owners, and followers of the Trump Cult. 

I’m proposing a modification in the message for Amy and the Democratic Party. Because of the dysfunctional Republican Party, we have a chance to change the political landscape for generations. We have to recognize that we will never convince the hard-core Trumpers to support a Democrat, but I’m convinced those voters are less than 25% of the population. 

America needs a Democratic candidate who can attract reasonable Independents, Republicans, and rural voters. Voters who believe that climate change is a threat to the world, universal background checks are needed for gun purchases, a woman has the right to make her own healthcare decisions, and extreme right-wing terrorists are a danger to this country. 

Amy is the candidate who will unite Democrats, Independents, and Republicans into what I am calling “The Reasonable Majority.” #ReasonableMajority.  Her background, her experience, her personality, her policies, her politics- all reasonable. I know that the Republicans will try, but will have no luck smearing her as a socialist radical. 

It doesn’t have the same ring as “No Drama Obama,” but “No Drama Klobuchar” will be just as effective. 

An alternative to Amy Klobuchar’s message is “I don’t want to be President for an America governed by extremism. I want to be President for an America governed by reason. ” Note to Amy: Just don’t say anything about Deporables. 

Let me repeat what I said above. Thanks to Donald Trump, Democrats have the chance in 2020 to change America’s political landscape for generations. Let’s not blow it. Nominate Amy Klobuchar!

One thought on “Klobuchar can Unite the #ReasonableMajority

  1. It’s interesting that in the aftermath of Bernie Sanders recent hospitalization and heart procedure, the question of age is arising. Bernie would be 78 at inauguration, Biden 77 and Warren 71. I’m hoping that one of the moderators in next week’s debates will find a non-pejorative way of raising the question of whether there are age-related criteria for serving as president. I.e. – how old is “too old”? If there is nation-wide discussion of age as consideration, some of the younger candidates, like Amy Klobuchar, might generate more polling interest. As it stands today, Amy only garners a 1% share of the DFL polls.

    It will also be interesting to watch what’s going on within the Republican leadership in both Senate and House during the ongoing impeachment hearings, and how that will impact the 2020 election. Remember that for the first 2 years after the Watergate break-in in 1972, Republican leadership acted EXACTLY as they are now, circling the defensive wagons around the serving President, busily bashing the DFL, the investigators and the press. It took 2 years of hearings and investigations and a lot of definitively incriminating evidence before the defensive circle broke, and en masse, Republican leadership deserted Nixon and forced his resignation. I am intently watching for signs of cracks in GOP unity, i.e. Colin Powell, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Marco Rubio etc. The DFL nominee might be up against an entirely different persona than Trump.

    A lot can happen between now and November 2020!!


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