How to Support Minnesota’s Democratic Legislature

In my last blog post, I wrote that one person could have a significant impact on the 2020 elections by doorknocking for a DFL State Representative candidate in a swing district. I then list ten candidates in swing districts to consider.

Hilary Beste, who is the Director for DFL Senate District 46, has the same goal but has been advocating a different strategy. She is encouraging DFLers to donate $10 to each DFL House candidate in a swing district. Below is the flyer that she was handing out at a recent DFL state committee meeting. I liked her idea and flyer so I asked her if I could add it to my blog. She said sure, but I would also have to tweet about it, which I will do.

How to Support Minnesota’s Democratic Legislature
(Flipping the Senate will be part of the outcome!)

 We need to support the following House of Representatives for their re-election in 2020.  As they campaign, they canvass the entire district that they serve. At the same time, their volunteers will campaign for the District’s Senatorial candidates. So supporting these Reps. is a 2 for 1 bargain!

I’m suggesting that we each contribute $10 to each of their Campaigns. They will send us receipts so we can submit them to the state for reimbursement via the Political Contribution Refund (PCR). The refunds equal $50 for a taxpayer filing singly or $100 for a couple filing together. That would be for 2019.  And then, we repeat the donation again in 2020, applying again for the refund. And then, on 11/4/2020, we celebrate because we truly helped hold the House and flipped the Senate.

If you join me in this enterprise, we will be so much more hopeful on 11/4/2020.

Hilary Beste
Director, DFL Senate District 46

 These Representatives need our help:

5A John Persell   @persell4house

33B Kelly Morrison   @Morrison4MN

36A Zack Stephenson   @zackstephenson

38B Ami Wazlawik   @amiwazlawik

39B Shelly Christiansen   @shellyforhouse

48B Carlie Kotyza-Witthun…@carlieforhouse

53B Steve Sandell   @stevesandell53b

54A Anne Claflin…@anne_claflin

55A Brad Tabke…@BradTabke

57B John Huot…@houtforhouse




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