Thank You Governor Walz

Dear Tim,

Two years ago, in the second week of August 2018, we were in a union hall in St. Paul to celebrate your victory in the primary election. We had attended the state convention with you, walked in parades with you, and spent hours making calls to help you win the primary election. We continued to campaign with you for the next several months and were in downtown St. Paul to celebrate your election as governor. We were convinced that you were the right person to implement policies that would benefit all of Minnesota – the cities, the suburbs, and of course, Greater Minnesota.

Now in 2020, we are proud we worked so hard to get you elected. Your management of the coronavirus crisis has shown that our conviction in your abilities was correct. We cannot imagine what our state would be like if we had a Republican governor who refused to wear a mask.

I’m sure that you are getting letters and emails complaining that you are abusing your powers as governor, to say nothing about the protestors outside of your home. We decided that now would be a good time to thank you for making difficult decisions about the coronavirus based on science and data, not tweets from a president. We especially appreciate your thorough decision-making process about school openings.

People who volunteer a lot, whether for a candidate or an issue, know that their efforts are often not rewarded or recognized. The candidate loses or is ineffective, or the issue is difficult to achieve. It is rare when volunteer work is rewarded so quickly with such tangible benefits as the work we did to get you elected.

Thank you, Tim, and put us on your list of the first people to call when you start running for 2022.

Jerry Gale and Suzanne Perry

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