I’m feeling better this week than last week because last week I found out that there is an active Indivisible Group in my congressional district.  If you don’t like Trump and have not heard about Indivisible Groups, then you are missing out on a significant movement that is happening right now to combat the Trump Presidency.

Way back in my second blog post, I commented that the best document about what to do during the Trump Presidency was called “Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda”. It was written by several former congressional staffers and makes recommendations based somewhat on the success of the Tea Party against President Obama. Until last week, it did not realize how successful the guide has become. There are now over 6000 local Indivisible groups formed around the country and the guide has been downloaded over a million times.

To download the guide and see a short video that outlines the basic strategy, go to

And, if you live Minnesota’s third congressional district and are representative by the ineffective Erik Paulsen, you can learn more about the CD3 movement at or on Facebook at Indivisible CD3.

Two facts about Erik Paulsen to start your week:
– He has not met publicly with his constituents since 2010!
– He voted last week not to force Donald Trump to release his tax returns!

Since I have the time and the passion, it looks like the Indivisible CD3 is my type of group.


Please share this so we can get ready for President Klobuchar

One thought on “Indivisible

  1. Nice Jerry. We’ve got a group going here in Mount Vernon–mostly dedicated to Iowa state legislative horrors. Let me know if you want me to add you as a member…your daughter’s favorite mother-in-law


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