Van Training & Community Indivisible Groups

It’s been two weeks since I posted a blog report. My goal was to do one a week. Those of you who know me understand that I have another important issue that is taking up my time. Those of you who only know me through my blog and twitter account will hear about that issue soon enough.

Even though I haven’t posted a report, I have been busy with my goal of becoming more politically active. The first thing I have been doing is taking on-line training to learn more about the DFL VAN. The VAN stands for Voter Activation Network (I had to google to find that factoid) and is the DFL’s state-wide database. I’m learning the VAN’s basic how-to instructions and plan to take an in-person intermediate training at the DFL HQ in a month. There is probably nothing that will benefit me more than becoming efficient with the DFL VAN.

In my last post, I discussed the Indivisible movement and the Indivisible CD3 group. The group remains active and determined. Take a look at this video clip from WCCO about the protest outside of Erik Paulsen’s Metro Office. They interview the fantastic Clara Severson who is one of the women who helped organize Indivisible CD3.

Protesters Rally After Paulsen No-Shows For Town Hall

One of the better things that Indivisible CD3 has done is to encouraged its members to organize community-based Indivisible Groups. Indivisible CD3 was originally focused on communities around Eden Prairie because that is where Erik Paulsen’s Metro Office is located and the women who started Indivisible CD3 are from that area. That left us members in the CD3’s northern suburbs feeling a bit left out. It’s a long drive from Brooklyn Park to Erik Paulsen’s Metro Office to protest, especially during rush hour.

I’m happy to report that last Saturday, we held our first Brooklyn Park & Coon Rapids Indivisible meeting (with representation from Champlin). We had a nice turn-out of fired-up progressvie voters. We decided our goals are:
– Continue to exert pressure and influence on Erik Paulsen (this is the primary goal Indivisible CD3)
– Support progressive organizations that are active in the Northern Suburbs
– Support increase voter registration and involvement with traditional DFL voters and independent voters in the Northern Suburbs

We think that it is important that the Indivisible CD3 group is not seen as just a Democratic Party movement. One of the most important goals for this movement is to reach out to middle-of-the-road independents who continue to vote for Erik Paulsen because they think he is a moderate republican. We need to continue this year to communicate the message that he is not a moderate and then next year work to elect a candidate who appeals to moderates and progressives.

That’s it for this week. Have a great week. Enjoy the weather, the Gophers as the number four seed in the Big Ten Tournament and the Twins playing spring training games. Summer will be here soon.


Please share this so we can get ready for President Klobuchar

bp-cr-group A selfie of some of the Brookly Park & Coon Rapids Indivisible Group

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