Half the Battle is Showing Up

As you know if you read my first entry, I started this blog and my twitter account to give me something to do when I retired. I probably won’t change the world by doing this – heck, I probably won’t have much effect on Brooklyn Park, but I think I know what my ultimate goal is in starting this project. At some point in the not too distance future, I’d like to make a significant contribution to a winning candidate who makes a significant contribution to making the United States a better place for all citizens and makes the world safer.  What I don’t know is the steps and actions I will be taking to get there. I’m kind of walking into this with blind confidence.

As a possible first step, I showed up last night at the monthly Minnesota Senate District 36 Meeting. I’ve attend Senate District Meetings in the past in both Brooklyn Park and Plymouth, but last night I went ready to volunteer – like it says in my blog title. And sure enough, when the topic turned to planning for the bi-annual SD 36 Officers and Constitution Unit Convention in April, the attendees were more than happy when I volunteered to be on both the Arrangements Committee and the Outreach Committee. As “they” say, “Half the battle is showing up.”

I feel good about this volunteering. As I understand it, the Senate District Committee is kind of the second rung on the political ladder with your local precinct chair as the first rung. I’ve been chair for my precinct many times in the past so now I’m moving up!

More importantly, the feeling in the room last night is that the Senate District Committees across the state have an important role to play in mobilizing the frustration with President Trump. If we can harness this energy into a sustained movement, not just short term marches and protests, then we can win back the Minnesota House and Senate, retain the Governor office and US Senate seat and defeat Erik Paulsen and Jason Lewis.

Time to started volunteering!


Please share this so we can get ready for President Klobuchar

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