What Can I Do?

A couple of days ago, my wife and I were sitting around with some college friends. As you can imagine since all of us are the product of a good liberal arts college education, we were expressing our disbelief and disapproval about President Trump.  One of the women exclaimed with frustration, “But what can I do?” Good question. I think the proper answer is “Lots!”

A google search turned up a number of excellent articles with ideas about what one person can do to prepare and respond to President Trump. See below.  If you have time, please read them all. If not, please just read the summary in the Indivisible Guide. It’s the best. Let me also provide you some quick suggestions.

  • Volunteer and start a blog about it (Also Known As the Jerry Gale Approach)
  • Protest if you can, but remember that the most important thing we can do as progressives is to get out the vote in the next election. Contact your DFL Senate District Committee to see how you can help. Don’t know how to contact your Senate District, go to https://www.dfl.org/resources/district-lookup/
  • If you live in the congressional district for Jason Lewis, Erik Paulson or Tom Emmers, email them. Don’t email all of them, just email your representative. Get on their mailing list. Most importantly, attend their town hall meetings.
  • Donate and/or volunteer to a non-profit who will lose money thanks to President Trump (such as Planned Parenthood) or who can fight him (like ACLU).
  • And, from the New York Times article, Do Not Lose Hope! By working together, we will get through this.


Please share this so we can get ready for President Klobuchar




















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