Update on MN House Races in MN CD3

Way back on September 13, 2017, I provided a chart showing the status of Minnesota House races in Minnesota’s Third Congressional District (https://mndemsvolunteer.com/2017/09/19/mn-house-races-in-cd3/#more-496)

A lot has changed since September.

There are 21 Minnesota House districts that are fully or partially in CD3. Eleven are currently held by DFL’ers and ten by Republicans. One DFL Representative is not running for re-election so that means that there are ten DFL incumbents and 11 DFL challengers in 2018.

The good news is that outstanding, and I do mean OUTSTANDING, candidates have been endorsed to challenge the incumbent Republicans. They all deserve our support. I contributed ten dollars to each DFL challenger in CD3 (except for one who has not yet activated his website). It’s not a lot but imagine how much we could help the DFL challengers if every DFL’er in CD3 contributed something to each one of them.

How about you? #mnhouseDFLchallenge

CD3 MN House Races

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