After a Year, How Am I Doing as a MN Democratic Volunteer?

I retired one year ago on January 31st, 2017.  The next day, I posted to this blog for the first time with the title “I Retired Yesterday. Now What?” In that post, I laid out my plans to become a more active Minnesota Democratic Volunteer. After a year, how am I doing? (I hope you understand that this post is more for my benefit to record what I’ve done, rather than for any of you who might read it. I appreciate your tolerance 🙂

I’ve made progress. Not great progress, but good. Let’s say a grade of C+/B-. Here is a review of my accomplishments and some areas where I might want to improve: Continue reading


Dear Reasonable, Moderate, Minnesotan & Republican Voters,

Welcome to 2018.  I’m wondering if you are still planning to vote for a straight Republican ticket this year. It seems to me that if you answer no to all four of the following questions, you need to consider changing political party: Are you a millionaire or billionaire? Do you believe God hates gay marriage and abortions? Do you own more than five guns and worry that the government wants to take them away from you? Do you believe that whites are now the most persecuted minority in this country? Continue reading