Dear Reasonable, Moderate, Minnesotan & Republican Voters,

Welcome to 2018.  I’m wondering if you are still planning to vote for a straight Republican ticket this year. It seems to me that if you answer no to all four of the following questions, you need to consider changing political party: Are you a millionaire or billionaire? Do you believe God hates gay marriage and abortions? Do you own more than five guns and worry that the government wants to take them away from you? Do you believe that whites are now the most persecuted minority in this country?

In other words, the Republican party of 2018 is home to millionaires, fundamental Christians, NRA members, and racists. As you can see from the title of this post, I have developed an equation that represents the Grand Old Party: GOP=M+FC+NRA+R.

The trouble for your party (or hopefully ex-party) is that this is not a winning equation. Those four constituents do not add up to a majority and do not appeal to the diverse voters who are now in the United States. Donald Trump won the election with those voters plus moderate Republicans like you. Based on Trump’s first year in office, you should feel betrayed by Donald Trump and the Republicans who are supporting him.

If you answered no to those four questions, the Democratic Party will accept you with open arms. The future of America is the Democratic Party. 2018 Caucus Night is Tuesday, February 6. Come join us!

democrats vs Republicans

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