Amy Klobuchar vs Kamala Harris

It looks like the Democratic Party is going to end up with 15-20 announced presidential candidates. There will be a lot of words written and spoken comparing the candidates and lots of money spent backing the candidates. But, in my opinion, it will be a two-person race – Amy Klobuchar vs Kamala Harris.

Let’s be honest. The Democrats want to nominate a woman who can beat Trump. It’s past time for a female president. (Of course, if they decide that no woman candidate can beat Trump, they will settle for a male candidate.)

The announced female candidates are Amy, Kamala, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Marianne Williamson, and Tulsi Gabbard. Since you have probably not heard of the last two, they can quickly be eliminated. Warren and Gillibrand can be eliminated almost as quickly because they both have baggage, some self-inflicted and some unjustly applied. But, as we learned from Hillary, baggage is baggage.

That leaves Klobuchar and Harris, which is great news! They are two outstanding candidates who will energize the base and attract new voters. The first Democratic debate will be in June 2019 and a debate is scheduled for every month from June until November. By November, if not September, it will be apparent that Klobuchar and Harris are the leading candidates. It will be fun in 2020 as the party decides between these two and I’m confident that it will easily unite behind the winner.  

It’s time to compare the two. Using my marketing skills, I developed this candidate comparison chart.  You will notice that specific issues are not included on this chart. I doubt that policy positions will determine the winner since the policy differences between them are small. The final five rows are subjective evaluations that I think will be more important for most voters.

Who will win? If Amy can convince voters that she is more electable and has more grit, she’ll win. If Kamala can energize voters with her charisma and charm, she’ll win.

Amy Klobuchar Kamala Harris
Age 58 54
Geographic Strength North and Midwest California
Years in Senate 12 2
Previous Positions Corporate Lawyer, County Attorney District Attorney, Attorney General
Heritage White European Tamil Indian & Jamaican
Spouse John Bessler (Law Professor, Author, married 16 years) Douglas Emhoff (Lawyer, Jewish, married 5 years)
Children One Two Stepchildren
Religion Congregationalist Baptist, Hindu
Senate Committees Judiciary, Economic, Commerce, Agriculture, Rules Budget, Homeland Security, Intelligence, Judiciary
Biggest problem so far Mean to staff Positions taken as AG, relationship with Willie Brown
Strategy for Primary Do well in Iowa, build from there Win California big, build from there
Initial Targeted Voters Independents, Moderate Persons of Color
Perceived Beverage Beer Wine
Charisma Scale 1-10 6 9
Grit Scale 1-10 9 7
Liberal scale 1-10 7 8
Electability 1-10 8 7

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