Vote for Tim Walz in the August Primary

Dear Democrats, Independents, and Reasonable Republicans,

Our votes for Governor in the August 14 primary might be the most important primary vote in our lifetime. Why?

In 2020, we need to save this country from the hypocritical Republicans who say they are patriots but worship at the feet of the godless idol called Donald Trump. To win in 2020, we (let me repeat, I’m addressing Democrats, Independents, and Reasonable Republicans) need to start winning races throughout the country in 2018 including the two Senate races and the governor race in Minnesota. We have two strong Senate candidates, and we need the strongest governor candidate. Who is that?  Let’s answer that question by looking at who made the best choice in their first major decision as a governor candidate – their Lt. Governor running mate.

Erin Murphy won the endorsement at the DFL State Convention and, rather than building on support from delegates throughout the state, selected an inexperienced state legislator from the metro area. Her decision to run an all-female, all-metro, all-very-progressive ticket thrilled the delegates at the DFL state convention, and I’m sure thrills Tim Pawlenty now.

Lori Swanson’s decisions to pull out of the Attorney General endorsement process, announce she was running for Governor, and then select Rick Nolan as her running mate looked to many people as a quick backdoor power trip orchestrated by backroom politicians. She might have wanted to take a little more time on making some of her decisions now that Rick Nolen is accused of ignoring sexual harassment by his staff.

Tim Walz, a congressman from Greater Minnesota, selected Peggy Flanagan, a successful, native American, metro-area legislator, as his running mate. He states his ticket appeals to voters throughout Minnesota. He’s right. Tim and Peggy will defeat Tim Pawlenty and help elect Democrats up and down the ticket.

On August 14th, vote to send a message to hypocritical Republicans and Donald Trump. Vote for the Democratic Governor and Lt. Governor candidates who will win state-wide and crush the Republicans. Vote for Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan.

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