Will Minnesota in 2018 be like Virginia in 2017?

Virginia made election history on Tuesday when the Democratic Party flipped 15 seats to change control of the House of Delegates from 66 to 35 for the Republicans to 49 to 47 for the Democrats with four districts needing recounts. All 15 seats that the Republicans lost were held by men and 11 of the winning Democrats were women.

Should these results encourage the DFL to think they can flip 11 seats in 2018 to take control of the MN House of Representatives? Should it strike fear into the Minnesota GOP?

Yes, especially since, like in Virginia, the Democrats have been overwhelmed with highly-qualified women stepping forward to run in 2018. A year away from the 2018 elections, numerous DFL women have already announced that they are running for endorsement in seats held Republicans. These women are competing in districts all over the state: Metro, Suburbs and Greater Minnesota.  More are on the way. All I can say is “Thank you Donald Trump.”

Here is a partial list of the outstanding women who have committed to running for the Minnesota House in 2018. Many of these candidates made the decision to run for the first time after watching the 2016 election returns.

District         Name                      Contact

8B                Gail Kulp                 Facebook: @GailKulp8B
16B               Mindy Kimmel         @kimmelforhouse
23A               Heather Klassen      @klassenformn
25A               Jamie Mahlberg       @JamieForHouseMN
33A               Norrie Thomas        Facebook: @workshmarttogether
34B               Kristin Bahner          Facebook: @kristinbahnermn
35B               Kathryn Eckhardt     @KathrynforMN
38B               Ami Wazlawik          @amiwazlawik
39B               Shelly Christensen   @ShellyforHouse
42A               Kelly Moller             @kellyforUS
42A               Liz Voltz                  Facebook: VoteLizVolt
44A               Ginny Klevorn          @GinnyKlevorn
46A               Brittney Edwards     @brittany4house
49A               Carolyn Jackson      @jacksonforedina
49A               Heather Edelson      @heather_edelson
49A               Cheryl Barry            @CherylBarryMN
56B               Lindsey Port            @lindsey_Port
58B               Marla Vagts             @marlaVagts
61B               Meggie Wittorf         @MeggieWittof

I can’t wait to see an image like this for Minnesota in 2018



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